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Capture from the air, with our camera poles, you can...

Our telescopic camera poles allow you to take your aerial photography to an entirely next level!

With just a touch of height you can transform an image! Aerial photography couldn't be simplier with our camera poles – extremely lightweight, fully portable and very high quality, they are a “no brainer” for any photographer wanting a quick and easy aerial shot.

Our camera poles reach heights of up to 15-metres, providing a cost-effective means of achieving amazing aerial photography without the need to lift heavy equipment or jump through the complicated legislation hoops to use drones.

Camera poles are an ideal solution for panoramic photos, aerial photography or for inspection cameras becoming more and more popular in many industries for surveying, property photography, events, aerial photography and many other applications.

The potential time saved by utilising a camera pole is immense, our poles are fully portable and can be extended in a matter of seconds.

Highly rated amongst our customers, these poles have proven themselves time and again across a range of applications and uses.

We design and manufacture all of our poles, which enables you to get higher, while keeping prices low!

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